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Finish It Friday

 Piggybacking on a favorite blog, I thought I'd show a Friday Finish.  This is a quilt top that I did with some random 16 patch blocks.  I loved this fabric that I got in a scrap pack but knew there wasn't much of it to do anything more than a few blocks.  It's a 40x40 which is a nice size for a baby quilt, I think!

Hanky Blanky

 I finally finished this quilt which I made using my grandmother's vintage handkerchiefs.  It was on of those projects that had problems from the very beginning.  How to attach the delicate fabrics to the cotton (I decided to straight stitch them right on top of the 12 inch blocks).  How to quilt it (I started and then ripped out the stitches only to hate the second attempt, but kept it anyway). 
 It's hard to tell from the photos, but I did a free motion stitch in the center white hankies.  I tried to do a free form heart shape, but it certainly isn't my best work and I regret the choice.  Sometimes it's hard to tell how it end up, until it's way, way too late.  I did a straight stitch around the outside blocks because I kind of treated them like a boarder, even though I added a secondary boarder, another choice I regret, but at the time I think I felt that I needed something to unify the piece since it had so many things happening. 
Anyway, I am glad that even if I don't love it, I did love my grandma and I am happy to have something that will be a keepsake. 

Quilty Tote

I started out this project with the end goal being a larger quilted tote bag.  I knew I wanted to do some grey linen, but I only had a small piece left in my stash.  When I went to my local fabric store, I found they no longer carry this shade of grey.  So, I decided I would test out my design on a smaller bag until I found some more linen.  This is what I ended up with.

Baby Blues

 I had two weeks before the shower to make a baby quilt for my boss, who is having a boy.  Then I came down with bronchitis and had a fever for 6 days!  There went half of my work time.  So, I ended up really simplifying the plan, but I pulled it out with a few days to spare.  I like the rounded edges and the flannel backing a lot.  Those are little hedgehogs!!!

The Way the Wind Blows

 It seems that every time I finish a quilt (and want to photograph it) it is a windy day.

 And cloudy.
 Inside there is only so much room. 

Getting another one going

About to start quilting this twin-sized quilt.  I started it a long time ago, but am just getting back to it now that I finished the fair quilt.  Not a lot to say about this one.  I basically just randomly pieced some of the fabric I had left over from a previous quilt.  Was gonna try some experimental quilting on it, but I think I will play it safe and just do some straight lines.

Completed Fair Quilt

I finished the quilt for the fair yesterday.  I am more or less happy with this.  I did a bunch of techniques I had never done before, like making hexis and some free-motion loops and such, so in that regard, I feel good.  Samplers are all about sampling new things, right?  I'm glad I didn't go safe, but I feel like this isn't super reflective of the amount of time and work I put into it.  That's okay.  I have no expectations for the actual competition part of it.  I just wanted to make it.